Video segments

Videos can often provide clearer and more convincing evidence of teaching than written reports. However, they can only provide a very small sample of your teaching. They should be seen as authentic samples of what you can do, not necessarily what you typically do. As the assessors are not able to visit your school, your video segments are an important window into your leadership capabilities. 

The purpose of the video segments for Entries 2 and 3 is to provide direct evidence of your teaching and the environment you have established for learning. For Entry 4, the purpose is to provide evidence of how you have engaged colleagues in a collaborative initiative to improve student outcomes. Even though the video segments will be short (no more than 15-20 minutes in total for an entry), they can still provide valid and valuable evidence relevant to the standards about how you:

  • support student participation and establish respectful interaction with and among students;
  • manage classroom activities and behaviour;
  • communicate with students;
  • use questioning and discussion techniques;
  • challenge and engage students intellectually; and
  • monitor student understanding and provide useful feedback.